Mini Dos

Termite Catchers Mini Dos
eco-friendly pest management system

Non-Electric, Fluid Driven Precision Pesticide Injectors

Not all pest control companies put your health and the Environment first. We have always believed that it’s our responsibility to help protect you, your family and the environment. One of the ways we do this is by utilizing the most cutting edge, effective pieces of pest control equipment available on the market today.

Mini-dos pesticide injectors take the guess work out of pest control. These fluid driven pesticide mixers automatically deliver the precise amount of pesticide with the exact volume of water needed for the job. There are no more messy chemical spills or over use of pesticides, great news for you and great news for the environment.

We are the only pest management company in Melbourne that utilizes this type of Smart Technology, providing you, our client with it’s eco-friendly benefits. We are also the only Pest Control company that cares enough about the environment to employ this type of precision chemical injection control. 

Prompted by public concerns relating to the frequent over use of hazardous pesticides that exists within our industry, Termite Catchers offers a viable alternative that avoids the unnecessary over application of harmful pest control products. Always environmentally aware, we promote the use of low hazard Eco-Safe products based on natural materials that are suitable for allergy sufferers and people sensitive to generic chemicals. If you have children or pets, over-proportioned chemical sprays are NOT a good idea.

We specifically target all our precision pest control treatments directly into the cracks and crevices and other harbourage areas where pests are known to breed. 

As part of our Eco-Safe commitment, all of the products we use are scientifically tested and designed to have no adverse effects on your health and minimal impact on the natural environment.

  • The Mini Dos system saves water 
  • Completely eliminates the over use of pesticides
  • Removes the likelihood of cross contamination with other harmful chemicals 
  • Saves us time and saves you money.
Termite Catchers is firmly committed to:
  • Ensuring our operations, products and services fully comply with all state and national legislative requirements
  • Conserving our states water resources by employing the use of current up to date Smart technology 
  • Avoiding the generation of any unnecessary waste through the non-targeted over application of pesticides.
  • Minimising all environmental impacts and preventing pollution in our States waterways
  • Continually improving processes to better serve and protect our clients and our environment

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