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The inspiration for Biflex came from a fresh field of daisies. Biflex is a synthetic pyrethroid modelled on nature’s very own insecticide ‘pyrethrum’ and Mother Nature would be well pleased with our creation… a repellent termite treatment that is absolutely effective and simple.

Biflex Termiticide quickly kills any termite that it comes in contact with it. It also creates a protective force field around your home that WILL keep termites out.

Which is great to know because termites can cause massive structural damage that is both expensive and extremely disruptive to your home life.

How Biflex creates an impenetrable perimeter barricade

Biflex is applied externally, around the walls and footings of a home using either an injection or trenching method. If your home is surround by concrete, holes will be drilled to allow Biflex to be injected directly into the soil. Alternatively a narrow trench can be dug around your home which is flooded with a Biflex solution then filled back in. Termites that try to cross or burrow through the Biflex treated zone will quickly die.

Biflex is both economically and eco wise

Biflex has a low dose rate, yet it still provides the longest protection period of any termiticide on the Australian market. Biflex is insoluble in the soil, so it stays where it’s needed and will not be leached away by rainfall or watering.

Tried, tested, and trusted for complete peace of mind

There are no barriers to using Biflex.

Biflex brings real peace of mind protection with the knowledge that it will not create health concerns for you, your family or your pets.

Biflex has also been thoroughly
and independently tested in termite infested areas and is now relied upon by over 1 million Australian homeowners to protect their homes against termites.

Biflex has been approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).

The Biflex promise

Biflex’s is committed to effectively controlling your termite problems, without disruption to your life and with the utmost consideration to the environment, your pets and family.

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