Termite Signs

termite signsTermites signs are hard to spot. They are known as the silent hidden destroyers and visual detection requires a trained eye.

Termites can do irreparable damage to your home. They are NOT something you can ignore, and they will not go away on their own. Termites are the ultimate scavengers and they will not stop until the entire foundation of your house has been destroyed.

At the first sign of termite infestation you should book an inspection immediately. The longer you leave the termites to eat through your home, the more damage they will do, and the more money it will cost. The difference between early treatment and late treatment is often tens of thousands of dollars.

Termite signs can be obvious or very subtle. Signs such as dust surrounding bricks can be mistaken for cement wear and tear, when the issue is actually from termites. Signs like floorboard damage, as in the image above can be very hard to differentiate between animal or general damage and termites. This is why you need a trained eye who can do a complete assessment and also look for additional signs you have termites.

When looking for termite signs, have you noticed any of the following? Aside from the following signs, you can take our FREE 2 minute quiz here.

Dead termites and shed wings on window sills.
Mud where it shouldn’t be.
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Hollow or spongy feeling floors.
termite signs
Flight slits in timber or plaster walls.
termites in wall
Wavy paint, sagging floors, hollow timber.
Lights or fans malfunctioning, electrical problems.
termites electric socket