1 in 3 Victorian Homes are

under attack from termites.

We offer the most thorough termite inspection in Melbourne. Treatment strategies are safe and effective. All work proudly guaranteed!

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About Our Company

Termite Catchers is a reputable Melbourne-based company with extensive experience offering termite inspections in Melbourne. We offer reliable and cost-effective solutions backed by many years of experience to help you gain control. Our termite control service comply with Melbourne standards and all legislative requirements. Our fully trained technicians carry out thorough inspections and devise treatment strategies that are safe and effective your home and family. Best of all, we fully guarantee our work leaving you with the ultimate peace of mind.

Termite Quiz

Find out in 2 minutes if you have termites in your home, with our FREE termite detection quiz.

Untreated termites can cost you tens of thousands in repair, don’t delay, find out for free today.

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Termite Quiz

Do you have termites in your home?

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Have you seen any of these termite signs in or around your home? Select all that apply.

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What insects have you seen in your home? Select all that apply.

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What signs of termites have you spotted in and around your home? Select all that apply.

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What type of damage have you found? Select all that apply.

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