Termite Inspection

If you think you have found signs of termites in your home or you have a genuine enquiry about how best to protect your property from termites, Termite Catchers can offer you a free, no obligation preliminary assessment. We can address your initial concerns, provide you with some helpful advice and decide whether or not a formal termite inspection is warranted.

A Preliminary Assessment is a verbal assessment and it will provide you with an abundance of information on Termites and their habits and equip you with all you need to know about eradicating and protecting your home against termite attack. Please note, a Preliminary Assessment and a Termite Inspection are two different things!

  • A Preliminary Assessment is an informal appraisal looking at what you have found and assessing the overall picture of the termite situation at your property. We can then discuss the next possible step and map out a plan of action for your consideration. A Preliminary Assessment is usually the precursor to a formal Termite inspection.
  • A Termite Inspection is a methodical and systematic search for termites and termite damage and is accompanied by a detailed written report as per the Australian Standard AS 4349.3 – 2010. This is a fee-for-service basis.

Termite Inspection Report

In compliance with Australian law, Termite Catchers provide you with a fully detailed report outlining the results and the final diagnosis of the inspection. We present appropriate recommendations on treatment options and measures you should take to help ensure the ongoing defence of your home. It is highly recommended that the inspection report is read thoroughly and considered in detail before taking any further action.

Our Inspectors have many years of experience and are equipped with the latest in termite detection equipment. We are highly qualified and comprehensively insured with coverage for Public liability and Professional Indemnity which gives you complete peace of mind.

Our termite experts investigate all accessible areas of the property such as:

  • The properties interior and exterior methodically checking all accessible timbers, skirtings, architraves, door frames, window frames, and finished timbers etc.
  • The sub floor and roof cavity
  • The garden areas and surrounding trees where termite nests may be found
  • The garage, carport and other out-buildings
  • Decking areas and steps
  • Retaining walls, fencing and landscaping timbers

We also identify and report on any existing issues that may eventually lead to termite attack in the future such as:

  • Rising damp
  • Unusually high moisture levels
  • Borer activity
  • Any type of wood rot
  • Poor drainage and sub floor ventilation
  • Leaking and broken plumbing
  • Leaking shower basins and sinks
  • Unusually high soil levels

Termite Inspection Equipment

The world’s No.1 termite detector – Our termite inspectors use The Termatrac T3i – It is the only purpose built 3 in 1 termite detection device in the world. It enables us to not only measure Moisture levels inside timber, but can Thermally detect the slightest of temperature differences and with its Radar motion detector, actually pick up termite activity behind walls. The TermatracT3i is the most advanced, non-intrusive piece of termite detection equipment available, allowing us to detect termites without alerting or disturbing the insects or causing any damage to your home.

The Moisture Meter is an industry recognised, standard tool, that allows any areas of unusually high moisture content to be detected behind the walls. Raised moisture levels could be an indication of leaky pipes or shower bases which can initiate timber rot and make the area generally attractive to termites. Areas of increased saturation can also indicate the presence of termite activity as the termites themselves are very moist and transport extra moisture into areas where they are attacking.

A Sounder is a device used to assess the integrity of the timber in your home allowing us to locate any suspect ‘dead’ sounding areas that may indicate the presence of termite activity. This traditional hands-on inspection tool is indispensable when conducting a termite inspection. Our technicians tune in to the feedback created when the sounder is gently tapped on the surface of the wood. Used in conjunction with a moisture meter this simple device allows all of the timber in each room to be inspected thoroughly and any suspect sounding areas to be investigated further.

Inspection Recommendations

A termite inspection is recommended by the Australian Standard and the CSIRO as the best termite prevention step you can take to ensure your home has a clean bill of health. Failure to uncover a termite attack can cost you dearly. With Termites, it’s a simple case of ’better the devil you know’! It’s important to get frequent, if not, at minimum, yearly inspections so that any attack is caught as early as possible. Your home is probably the most valuable asset you own and an inexpensive annual house check-up is a small price to pay for peace of mind.