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TERMIDOR’S unique “Transfer Effect™”

Termidor controls termite populations faster than any other termiticide, but is relatively slow acting in individual termites. Therefore, termites have ample time to spread Termidor to their nest mates before dying. This is the beauty of Termidor’s unique “Transfer Effect” termites don’t even need to come into contact with the treated soil to die because Termidor kills termites through contact and ingestion.


  • TERMIDOR will not repel termites and therefore they cannot avoid the treatment.
  • TERMIDOR will prevent concealed termite entry to structures for a minimum of 8 years on ALL TERMITE SPECIES – a claim no other termite control product can make.
  • TERMIDOR is fast – On average, termite activity was eliminated within 4.3 weeks in Australian trials.
  • TERMIDOR has a unique mode of action.
  • TERMIDOR has the unique TRANSFER EFFECT™.
  • TERMIDOR is less water-soluble and binds more tightly to the organic matter in soil than other non-repellent termiticides. This means it stays where it is applied.
  • TERMIDOR has no effect on soil micro-organisms, earth worms or plants.
  • TERMIDOR has been used on over 2 million homes in the US and over 15000 buildings in Australia since its introduction in 2002.

Active Constituent: Fipnonil

Toxicity: Rated S6, harmful if swallowed, may irritate skin and possibly cause allergic reaction as a result of repeated exposure.

Odour: has a slight smell.

Longevity: Label gives an 8 year expectation.

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