Termite Treatment Melbourne

“Our job is to help you better understand what you are dealing with and what your options are for the best termite treatment in Melbourne.”

Termite treatment melbourne


Choosing the best Termite treatment option for your home can be a time consuming and sometimes confusing task. Our role lies with helping you to understand termites and the various types of termite treatment options that are available to you. Only then can you be confident in making an informed decision as to which treatment method is best suited to your individual situation.

The Termite colony is the enemy……every termite treatment procedure is aimed at killing the colony and protecting the home against any future attack. Each property must be assessed on its individual merits as there is no ‘one size fits all treatment’ in termite management. Often a combination of methods must be deployed to obtain the best outcome. This is best achieved through the targeted use of baits, dusts, directly applied chemical, or via chemical management systems.

Often a combination of methods must be deployed to obtain the best outcome. Termite treatment methods include –

The first step is to determine which method will work best for your particular construction type, and this is where our expertise and guidance comes into play. You can take our 2 minute quiz here to asses whether you have termites. Each and every home is unique and is constructed in its own individual way, surrounded by diverse and varying environmental conditions. There are specific defining factors that will designate which treatment method can and should be used at your property, for instance;

  • Is there adequate sub-floor clearance?
  • Is the house built on timber, concrete stumps or prick piers? where a building has old timber stumps termites can enter un-detected by eating up through the middle from the bottom of the stump where no chemical treatment can ever reach.
  • Is the home built on a concrete slab and are there any in-fill slabs within the home? Many buildings on concrete slabs and concrete footings rely on the integrity of the concrete to protect the dwelling from under slab entry. Subterranean Termites can easily gain concealed entry into the home through minute cracks in the concrete.
  • Are there any shared boundary walls?
  • Do you have a Commercial or residential structure?
  • Are you part of an apartment complex?
  • Is your property located in a flood zone?
  • What type of substrate do the footings rest in?

Termite Catchers devise the most cost-effective strategy to remove this pest from your home as well as provide for future termite protection. Our services are tailored to cause minimum disruption to your business and your personal schedule. All treatments are completely safe for use around children and pets and are the most environmentally friendly methods around.

  • We hold public liability insurance of $20 million and professional indemnity insurance of $500,000 for your peace of mind. An insurance certificate is available on request.
  • We have nationally recognised qualifications in Cert III Asset Maintenance as well as full accreditation in all pest management systems Cert IV General pest & Termite Management.
  • We also hold the following Industry Accreditations: Victorian Construction Induction – White Card, Working at Heights licensed, current accreditation Working with Children.