Family - Rhinotermitidae


Heterotermes are common throughout Victoria, and are widely distributed throughout Australia, however, they are not considered to be a major pest species due to their relatively small colony sizes. These termites attack fence posts, timber flooring, and paling fences that are within a small radius of the nest. Heterotermes Ferox can cause significant damage but fortunately over a long period of time and only when numerous nests or colonies build up in one small area. They are mainly hardwood eaters but will eat other softwoods if nothing else is on offer. These termites prefer damp timbers, fences and poles with wood decay. They bear an uncanny resemblance to the more destructive Coptotermes acinaciformis so correct identification is essential, as the treatment approach and danger level between the two species is significantly different. The soldiers of this species are up to 4 – 5mm in length with dark mandibles and long rectangular shaped heads.